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0017445Cloud Instance SIGgeneralpublic2020-10-01 11:55
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Platformx86_64 HVMOSCentosOS Version7
Summary0017445: CentOS7 AWS Marketplace AMI does not support C5a instance types
DescriptionThe latest version of the AWS Centos7 AMI does not support launching against C5a (EPYC2, AMD) AWS instances.

Checked in the Frankfurt and Virginia region
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to launch an EC2 instance using the latest CentOS7 marketplace AMI on a C5a instance. The instance type is not listed as supported type in the AMI instance overview
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2020-06-25 08:45

reporter   ~0037228

It looks like they are no longer maintaining the marketplace images for some reason. We instead have to use these


2020-06-25 08:49

administrator   ~0037229

Yes, and I'm currently (really right now) uploading/sharing up2date AMI in all regions, so expect an update of the wiki page in the next minutes (or hour max)


2020-06-25 08:51

reporter   ~0037230

Any reason why the marketplace AMIs have been dropped? I currently have to rebase my AMIs to support the new instance types since existing AMIs are tied with a marketplace code and can’t change instance type


2020-06-25 08:58

administrator   ~0037231

We don't have access to Marketplace, so we share from a consolidated Fedora/CentOS account from now on.
@davidunc can give more explanations if needed/required

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