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0017446CentOS-8anacondapublic2020-06-10 13:46
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PlatformVirtualBox Version 6.1.10 r13844OSWindows Home 10OS VersionCentOS 8
Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017446: If you don't fill up "User Settings" CentOS won't install
DescriptionI downloaded CentOS today, latest version. I tried multiple time to install it on a virtual machine on VirtualBox, the only time it could install was when I arrived to fill up all informations under CONFIGURATION during the installation
Steps To Reproduce1) Download CentOS latest version
2) Download VirtualBox latest version
3) Setup a VM using the parameters you can find in picture in attach
4) Start to install and the installation will fail with error "anaconda exception report"

5) Repeat everting from the beginning but this time fill up as fast as you can "User Creation" and then the "Root Password" you will see the installer will go on without problems
Additional InformationI believe the installer is not installing because it doesn't find a default user or a root password.

I also gave an answer on StackOverflow:




2020-06-10 13:46


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Setup.png (60,265 bytes)   

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