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0017448CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2020-06-11 13:49
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017448: Mount --bind runs twice
DescriptionWhen running
mount --bind /test /test2
it is listed one time in /proc/self/mountinfo
but when running
 export total=0; for i in `lsns | grep mnt | awk -e '{print $4;}'`; do echo -en "PID: $i,\t# of mounts: "; echo -n `cat /proc/$i/mounts | wc -l`; echo -en ",\tcmdline: "; cat /proc/$i/cmdline; echo ""; done;

i see that in the listed proc ids the mount is added twice
if umount then both mounts are gone
Steps To Reproducemkdir /test /test2
mount --bind /test /test2

export total=0; for i in `lsns | grep mnt | awk -e '{print $4;}'`; do echo -en "PID: $i,\t# mounts: "; echo -n `cat /proc/$i/mounts | grep web1623`; echo -en ",\tcmdline: "; cat /proc/$i/cmdline; echo ""; done;
Additional InformationThis is tested on multi centos 8 vps servers
running on openvz7


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