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0017454CentOS-8kernelpublic2020-06-18 20:05
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017454: No Ethernet/Wifi detected after upgrading kernel to CentOS Linux 4.19.113-300.e18.armv7hl
DescriptionUpon upgrading the kernel to CentOS Linux 4.19.113-300.e18.armv7hl and rebooting, the Ethernet/Wifi devices are no more detected.

Booting from the former kernel (CentOS Linux 4.19.104-300.e18.armv7hl) will restore full access Ethernet/Wifi devices.
Steps To Reproduce1- Burn CentOS-Userland-8-armv7hl-generic-Minimal-1911-sda.raw to a SD card.
2- Enter the SD card into a Raspberry Pi 3b+ device and power it on. Ensure it is linked to a DHCP-enabled router with a proper Ethernet cable.
3- Let it boot.
4- Once the login prompt appears, log in as "root" with password "centos".
5- # ip addr show
6- It should show the IP address assigned by the router through Ethernet.
7- # yum upgrade -y
8- # reboot
9- Let it reboot.
10- Once the login prompt appears, log in as "root" with password "centos".
11- # ip addr show
12- It will show no networking devices.
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2020-06-15 13:18

developer   ~0037109

Just tested this and it is actually a compose problem and not a kernel problem.
4.19.104 is ok
4.10.110 is incomplete (only kernel-core and kernel-tools)
4.10.113 is incomplete (only kernel-core and kernel-tools)

@bstinson any ideas?


2020-06-18 01:39

reporter   ~0037154

Is there a way to circumvent it (and not need to boot from a previous version of the kernel)?


2020-06-18 02:47

developer   ~0037157

you can download the missing parts of your kernel from here


2020-06-18 20:05

reporter   ~0037162

I tested installing all those packages and then rebooted. The network connectivity is there, as expected. And `uname -a` returns the 4.10.113 version.

So the issue is now why is that compose problem for the latest kernel on the ARMv7 DNF/YUM repository.

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