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0017460Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2020-07-14 12:16
Reporterndevos Assigned To 
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Summary0017460: Gluster 8 release is appraching, please create needed buildroots and tags
DescriptionPlease create buildroots similar (like the inheritance and arches) to the existing storage8-gluster-7-el8-build ones. We need both el7 and el8 buildroots for gluster-8:

- storage7-gluster-8-el7-build
- storage8-gluster-8-el8-build

Tags that we need are -candidate, -testing and -release. GlusterFS 8 has been branched for finalizing the release, and packages can be built to let users (and the CI) test.

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2020-07-14 11:57

reporter   ~0037363

FWIW, GlusterFS-8 was released on 6 July.


2020-07-14 12:16

administrator   ~0037364

* Checking distribution el7 configuration...
 -> Checking storage config...
Creating tag : storage7-gluster-8-candidate
Creating tag : storage7-gluster-8-testing
Creating tag : storage7-gluster-8-release
 -> creating storage7-gluster-8-el7
Added external repo centos7-cr to tag storage7-gluster-8-el7-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos7-extras to tag storage7-gluster-8-el7-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos7-updates to tag storage7-gluster-8-el7-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos7-os to tag storage7-gluster-8-el7-build (priority 20)
Adding storage7-gluster-common-candidate as inheritance
Adding storage7-common-candidate as inheritance

* Checking distribution el8 configuration...
 -> Checking storage config...
Creating tag : storage8-gluster-8-candidate
Creating tag : storage8-gluster-8-testing
Creating tag : storage8-gluster-8-release
 -> creating storage8-gluster-8-el8
Added external repo centos8-cr to tag storage8-gluster-8-el8-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos8-extras to tag storage8-gluster-8-el8-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos8-powertools to tag storage8-gluster-8-el8-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos8-appstream to tag storage8-gluster-8-el8-build (priority 20)
Added external repo centos8-baseos to tag storage8-gluster-8-el8-build (priority 25)
Adding storage8-common-candidate as inheritance

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