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0017475CentOS-7generalpublic2020-06-17 15:14
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Product Version7.8-2003 
Summary0017475: Consistent treeinfo naming and unique versioning
DescriptionDifferent CentOs releases have the same family, variant and version in the .treeinfo file, which currently tricks Pulp 2.x to think that it is the same file, and thus doesn't download the new distribution units:
 - images/pxeboot/vmlinuz
 - images/pxeboot/initrd.img
 - LiveOS/squashfs.img

This is currently a block using Foreman/Katello to host a PXE boot environment, booting physical Dell Optiplex nodes, as pulp has currently cached the 7.6.1810 vmlinuz/initrd.img (3.10.0-957) which kernel panicks due to the NVMe disks. The vmlinuz/initrd.img from CentOs 7.8.2003 (3.10.0-1127) have been confirmed to work, however we are forced to do lots of manual hoops in order to bypass the pulp defined content which the foreman/katello templates use by default, and which are auto generated when picking the right combination of OS, Lifecycle environment, and Content View.

[1] suggests that RHEL uses "7.2" or "7.4" as the version number, which makes pulp work. Any reason why CentOs would choose to differ in this?

Unlike #0013904 I would argue that this needs to be fixed in the existing repos, and not just the future ones, as this is currently blocking existing installations of pulp to update the offered vmlinuz/initrd.img files.

Steps To ReproduceMirror any two (or more) different versions of Centos using Pulp.
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duplicate of 0013904 new Consistent treeinfo naming and unique versioning 




2020-06-17 15:14

administrator   ~0037144

maybe rely on the timestamp info?

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