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0017485CentOS-8yumpublic2020-06-18 21:33
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017485: yum versionlock plugin requires old metadata that is no longer provided by the repo by default
DescriptionIf using versionlock plugin in previous releases (e.g CentOS 6, 7) only the target RPM needed to be listed in versionlock.list. However, dnf/yum versionlock plugin in CentOS 8 will only update RPMs if both the current and the target are listed in the versionlock.list file.

reposync of the CentOS AppStream, BaseOS, extras, and PowerTools repos with --download-metadata grabs repodata that only lists the most recent few RPMs. If you rebuild versionlock.list from the new repodata then old versions of the RPMs (which might well be still installed) are no longer listed in the file. When you then try to update the existing RPMs (which are no longer listed) the update doesn't happen.
Steps To Reproduceconfigure yum versionlock plugin.

Install an older version of a target RPM.

Make sure the older version is not in /etc/yum/plugins/versionlock.list, but the newest version is.

attempt to dnf update the RPM.
Additional InformationI consider the old way to do things to be a much better path.

1. The new way means versionlock.list grows unbounded because every version of every RPM locked (in my case, every RPM on the host) has to be listed.

2. Requiring the current and target make it way too easy for an RPM to fall off the list and never get updated again, even when an updated is intended/desired.
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