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0017522CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2020-09-23 09:59
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017522: Unable to use advanced-virtualization repo
DescriptionI'm admittedly new to CentOS 8, and still getting used to using "streams" and so on. That said, I'm finding it a challenge to access the advanced-virtualization repo with dnf/yum. The virt:rhel app stream installs libvirt 4.5, but I'm looking for libvirt 5.6 or higher. I know it's in there, I can see the RPMs in the mirrors, but I can't access it through yum. I'm wondering if there are metadata problems with the packages or the mirrors.
Steps To ReproduceFrom the command below, I'm expecting to see more than one option for the 'virt' stream. But there is only one. There are no options for using the advanced-virtualization repo.

[root@gputest ~]# yum module list virt
AppStream 59 MB/s | 5.8 MB 00:00
advanced-virtualization 15 MB/s | 103 kB 00:00
openstack-train 68 MB/s | 2.2 MB 00:00
extras 1.6 MB/s | 6.7 kB 00:00
xCAT configured yum repository for /install/centos/8/BaseOS/x86_64/os 50 MB/s | 2.2 MB 00:00
Name Stream Profiles Summary
virt rhel [d][e] common [d] Virtualization module

Hint: [d]efault, [e]nabled, [x]disabled, [i]nstalled
Additional InformationI'm using a local centos mirror, but it's full mirror of the CentOS 8 mirror at University of Maryland College Park (UMD)
Tagscentos 8, libvirt, qemu




2020-06-24 19:07

reporter   ~0037226

This ticket is about the same issue I opened through redhat bugzilla:


2020-09-23 09:54

reporter   ~0037726

I have the same problem.
It seems that: "virt:8.2" module is missing in centos-8.2.


2020-09-23 09:59

reporter   ~0037727


yum module disable virt # disable the module
yum install libvirt virt-manager qemu-kvm

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