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0017526CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-06-22 16:32
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Summary0017526: Please provision Jenkins/cico-workspace with Persistent Storage for NooBaa project

With bug 16199 the NooBaa project was (re)created with a new correctly spelled name. Unfortunately, there is no Jenkins deployment available. Please deploy Jenkins so that the cico-workspace can be used to reserve bare-metal machines from Duffy.

Additional InformationDeploying Jenkins is possible for us, but we can not create a PVC for persistent storage. Only creating the PVC for Jenkins is okay too, we can then do the deployment ourselves if needed.
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2020-06-22 09:14

reporter   ~0037197

Siddarth Vipul mentioned that there is a new OpenShift environment where the deployment can be done. It would remove the need to migrate the NooBaa project from the old environment to the new one.

Both "liranmauda" and "ndevos" (ACO accounts) have logged into the console at to create the initial accounts.

Feel free to delete the "noobaa" project from the olded OpenShift cluster, and create a new "NooBaa" project with Jenkins/cico-workspace on the new cluster. For starting, 5GB or 10GB for the persistent storage should be sufficient.


2020-06-22 16:32

developer   ~0037206

This is done!
we have created a project on the new cluster and you both can access it from

if you have any issue, feel free to ping me on irc or create a bug assigned to me

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