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0017543CentOS-8microcode_ctlpublic2020-06-27 17:11
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017543: microcode_ctl-20191115-4.20200609.1.el8_2.x86_64 hangs i7-8665U
DescriptionA large percentage of boots (roughly 80-90%) results in hangs on a Dell Latitude 7400 with i7-8665U cpu stepping=12.
BIOS is 1.7.4, most current as of this writing. dmidecode says this was released 5/11/2020.

Upstream's release notes say this should not be a problem with Skylake CPU's, but this is Whisky Lake per
Steps To Reproduceupdate to microcode_ctl-20191115-4.20200609.1.el8_2.x86_64
Additional Informationkernel arg to disable loading microcode updates is: dis_ucode_ldr
boots fine with that option, or by removing microcode_ctl completely and rebuilding the initramfs with dracut -f

no issues with: microcode_ctl-20191115-4.el8.x86_64

This CentOS package is named slightly different from upstream per
rh: microcode_ctl-20190618-1.20200609.1.el8_1.x86_64.rpm
c8: microcode_ctl-20191115-4.20200609.1.el8_2.x86_64
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2020-06-27 17:11

reporter   ~0037250

I also had my Dell Precision 7720 with Xeon(R) CPU E3-1505M v6 @ 3.00GHz (stepping=9) hang on boot with microcode_ctl-20191115-4.20200609.1.el8_2.x86_64, then boot normally with kernel arg dis_ucode_ldr.
Intel says this is formerly known as Kaby Lake.

As an aside, I can't downgrade to previous versions:
dnf downgrade microcode_ctl
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:57 ago on Sat 27 Jun 2020 01:02:04 PM EDT.
Package microcode_ctl of lowest version already installed, cannot downgrade it.
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.

yet in the repo there are three versions to pick from:

Thanks for any insight.

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