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0017562CentOS-8kernel-pluspublic2020-07-22 22:28
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Summary0017562: initramfs is not regenerated for kernel-plus upon microcode updates
DescriptionWhen the microcode_ctl package is installed/updated, the initramfs file is supposed to be regenerated. This does not happen with kernel-plus.

The explanation is in the posttrans scriptlet of microcode_ctl.

rpm -q --scripts microcode_ctl

# For RPM selection, kernel flavours (like "debug" or "kdump" or "zfcp",
# with only the former being relevant to x86 architecture) are a part or RPM
# name; it's also a part of uname, with different separator used in RHEL 6/7
# and RHEL 8. RT kernel, however, is special, as "rt" is another part
# of RPM name and it has its own versioning scheme both in NVR and uname.
# And there's the kernel package split in RHEL 8, so one should look for *-core
# and not the main package.
pkgs="kernel kernel-debug kernel-rt kernel-rt-debug"
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related to 0017539 resolvedtoracat CentOS-7 initramfs is not regenerated for kernel-plus upon microcode updates 




2020-07-06 21:21

manager   ~0037314

According to the procedure applied to ELRepo's kernel-ml el8, adding the following triggerin section to the spec file of kernel-plus is supposed to cause re-generation of initramfs when microcode_ctl is updated:

%triggerin -n %{name}-core -- microcode_ctl
if [ -e "/lib/modules/$KVERSION/modules.dep" ]; then
    %{_bindir}/dracut -f --kver $KVERSION

This did work for kernel-ml el8 but failed with kennel-plus. The dracut command was not executed. Now investigating why.


2020-07-09 15:11

manager   ~0037346

Just to exclude the possibility that the macros, %{name} and %{_bindir} are not being expanded correctly, I replaced them with real values:

%triggerin -n kernel-plus-core -- microcode_ctl
if [ -e "/lib/modules/$KVERSION/modules.dep" ]; then
    /usr/bin/dracut -f --kver $KVERSION

That did not make any difference. I also (re-)confirmed the triggerin scriptlet worked for kernel-ml el8.


2020-07-11 17:04

manager   ~0037354

oh my, oh my, oh my bad !

It is always the last thing left to check that is BAD. Turns out KVERSION was incorrect. This is the correct one:

%triggerin -n %{name}-core -- microcode_ctl
if [ -e "/lib/modules/$KVERSION/modules.dep" ]; then
    %{_bindir}/dracut -f --kver $KVERSION


2020-07-22 22:28

manager   ~0037398

The fix is in

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