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0017606CentOS-7opensshpublic2020-07-20 12:38
Reporteranimav2175 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.7-1908 
Summary0017606: On password expiry if we type in the wrong current password sshd segfaults
DescriptionOn password expiry if we type in the wrong current password sshd segfaults

backtrace shows the following.

There is already a bug reported for Fedora. It looks to be the same issue
Please refer to

#0 0x00005631add23100 in cipher_free (cc=0x5631afb31980) at cipher.c:524
#1 0x00005631add2a615 in packet_destroy_state (state=0x5631afb19a90) at packet.c:2481
#2 packet_destroy_all (audit_it=0, audit_it@entry=1, privsep=privsep@entry=0)
    at packet.c:2511
#3 0x00005631adce3da2 in cleanup_exit (i=i@entry=255) at sshd.c:2460
#4 0x00005631add2402b in fatal (fmt=fmt@entry=0x5631add5e578 "PAM: pam_chauthtok(): %s")
    at fatal.c:44
#5 0x00005631add06c4e in do_pam_chauthtok () at auth-pam.c:1060
#6 0x00005631adcf4435 in do_login (s=s@entry=0x5631afb32990, command=command@entry=0x0)
    at session.c:799
#7 0x00005631adcf46c3 in do_exec_pty (s=s@entry=0x5631afb32990, command=command@entry=0x0)
    at session.c:562
#8 0x00005631adcf49e5 in do_exec (s=s@entry=0x5631afb32990, command=<optimized out>,
    command@entry=0x0) at session.c:731
#9 0x00005631adcf500d in session_shell_req (s=0x5631afb32990) at session.c:2116
#10 session_input_channel_req (c=c@entry=0x5631afb2c700, rtype=<optimized out>,
    rtype@entry=0x5631afb2bc00 "shell") at session.c:2214
#11 0x00005631adcebd8b in server_input_channel_req (type=<optimized out>,
    seq=<optimized out>, ctxt=<optimized out>) at serverloop.c:827
#12 0x00005631add317e9 in ssh_dispatch_run (ssh=ssh@entry=0x5631afb19230, mode=mode@entry=1,
    done=done@entry=0x0, ctxt=0x5631afb19230) at dispatch.c:119
#13 0x00005631add31839 in ssh_dispatch_run_fatal (ssh=0x5631afb19230, mode=mode@entry=1,
    done=done@entry=0x0, ctxt=<optimized out>) at dispatch.c:140
#14 0x00005631adced0f2 in process_buffered_input_packets () at serverloop.c:327
#15 server_loop2 (authctxt=authctxt@entry=0x5631afb16200) at serverloop.c:381
#16 0x00005631adcf42e2 in do_authenticated2 (authctxt=0x5631afb16200) at session.c:2668
#17 do_authenticated (authctxt=authctxt@entry=0x5631afb16200) at session.c:273
#18 0x00005631adce108f in main (ac=<optimized out>, av=<optimized out>) at sshd.c:2253

Steps To Reproduce1. expire root password --> passwd --expire root
2. ssh to the host
3. type in current password, it now prompts to type in current password. Type in a wrong password
4. sshd segfaults with these messages in dmesg

[328646.058801] traps: sshd[3159] general protection ip:55583442f100 sp:7ffe076c1d80 error:0 in sshd[5558343df000+c8000]
[328822.537362] traps: sshd[3189] general protection ip:55d4b25f5100 sp:7ffd660d5520 error:0 in sshd[55d4b25a5000+c8000]
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