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0017613CentOS-8dnfpublic2020-07-23 20:01
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017613: Extra dependancies included when installing PHP that shouldn't be required
DescriptionWhen attempting to install php 7.2 via yum/dnf it also attempts to install nginx-filesystem and php-fpm as dependancies. Nginx is not installed on the system. Tested on a fresh VM installed using the latest 8.2.2004 minimal ISO, and latest updates installed.

Checking dependancies via yum for php does not list nginx-filesystem or php-fpm.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install php:
dnf install php
2. note extra dependancies for nginx-filesystem and php-fpm.
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2020-07-23 01:20




2020-07-23 20:01

reporter   ~0037409

Missed that mod_php has been deprecated. Still unclear on why nginx-filesystem is a dependancy though.

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