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0017645CentOS-8corosyncpublic2020-10-19 06:56
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017645: corosync with two-link knet fails after "ifdown eth1"
DescriptionOriginally reported upstream here:

With two-link two-node cluster, corosync correctly survives blocking one of the links by dropping all traffic using iptables, but fails when the interface is brought down by "ifdown eth1".

Affected package: libknet1-1.10-4.el8
Steps To ReproduceHave two nodes conneced to the 172.26.1.x/24 network with their eth0 interfaces, and connected to the 10.0.0.x/24 network with their eth1 interfaces.

Create a pcs cluster:
pcs1# pcs cluster setup yklastr \ addr= addr= \ addr= addr=

Wait for it to become online:
pcs1# pcs cluster status

Bring down one interface:
pcs2# ifdown eth1

Expected behaviour: the cluster should communicate on the eth0 network.

Current behaviour: corosync on pcs2 node eats 95-100 % CPU, and the cluster communication does not work (no traffic on eth0).
Additional InformationRebuilding kronosnet-1.15-1.fc32.src.rpm from Fedora 32, installing the RPMs, and restarting corosync fixes the problem. CentOS 8 RPMs from the upstream repository linked from the github issue above also work.
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