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0017663CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2020-10-23 17:25
Reportermallik1987 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017663: /usr/sbin/fetch-kickstart-disk:line24: rmdir: command not found centos 8
DescriptionWhile installing using own kick start file it giving this message.
/usr/sbin/fetch-kickstart-disk:line24: rmdir: command not found centos
And also this entry is not available in Centos.
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2020-10-23 17:25

reporter   ~0037818

Me too stuck in same situation, if any one have solution please share.
[15.805514]dracut-initqueue[1486]: /usr/sbin/fetch-kickstart-disk: line24: rmdir: command not found

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