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0017681CentOS-8NetworkManagerpublic2020-08-18 21:02
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017681: should mean network is really online
DescriptionStarting services that want can fail because the network is not really online when it says it is.
The ExecStart command for the NetworkManager-wait-online service calls
ExecStart=/usr/bin/nm-online -s -q --timeout=30

From the man page of nm-online:

       -s | --wait-for-startup
           Wait for NetworkManager startup to complete, rather than waiting for network connectivity specifically. Startup is considered complete once NetworkManager has activated (or attempted to activate) every
           auto-activate connection which is available given the current network state. (This is generally only useful at boot time; after startup has completed, nm-online -s will just return immediately,
           regardless of the current network state.)

Removing the -s forces NetworkManager-wait-online to wait for the network to actually be up before nm-online reports success.

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