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0017687CentOS-8pki-corepublic2020-08-24 20:40 Assigned To 
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017687: Package pki-ocsp missing
DescriptionThe pki-ocsp package that provides the OCSP services for the pki-ca server is missing from CentOS 8. This prevents the configuration of the pki server to provide OCSP services.

When the `pkispawn` command from the `pki-server` package package is run as `pkispawn -s OCSP` it will eventually fail with a message about the missing package, which does not exist.

This failure does not occur on Fedora 32 (I cannot test on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2).
Steps To Reproduce1. `sudo dnf -y module enable pki-core`
2. Observe that `dnf search pki-ocsp` returns no results
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2020-08-24 20:40

reporter   ~0037585

The same issue has been opened against Red Hat Enterprise Linux as

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