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0017717CentOS CI[All Projects] generalpublic2020-09-07 08:13
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Summary0017717: Please add another SSH key on jumphost for user jpena

We had manually added a second SSH key to user jpena on, to be used for some RDO monitoring. After the jumphost was migrated to a new server, this key was lost, and we cannot add it manually. Could you please add the following SSH key?

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDHj3R7JGtLkSD9h+E6JNHGdZ+SStJx+wyQsE7DK41t+Au7mfTJb12zjxBO4OwzAJbVnudN86BPYI0aHuY7ZpZ8+yitcFOBxQdczcGNistIaOHNb7bp0aPpVTYkHEYo3IlsDgPYcMVsvwOpIIDfi8wSQo3p4FNTtOc9ulAeQ7UUl4uId7ILLGzpDhkRrb+hYetJw/e3Xkqz6BW/VFbw6Tb8DdgMGhNVflQNlPz1HB60zKxeoeRkrLg3lMO/LuFHr48MtWuQ4LR13fq/tw3XgzHIBU2LL107wTtZs3KqxdqEcs9+7gAaNtT9+rbMoQvF0E9viZn+vjHOAbfxgXUEsFt7 .ssh/id_rsa

Thanks in advance,
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2020-09-07 08:13

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new tracker for infra/cbs/ci :

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