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0017747CentOS-8systemdpublic2020-09-22 15:34
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Summary0017747: CentOS systemd on newer kernels fails
DescriptionWhen running systemd from CentOS 8 on a newer kernel, the behavior is affected by the bug addressed upstream in this patch:

This becomes an issue when running a CentOS 8 container image on a newer host, for instance on a Fedora host. Applying the above patch should allow the systemd in CentOS 8 to fail in an appropriate manner rather than producing error messages.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a host running a 5.8 or later kernel
2. podman run --name c8 -d centos:8 /sbin/init
3. podman exec -it c8 /bin/bash
4. systemctl show sshd

At the top of the output of the systemctl show command will be the error message:
Failed to parse bus message: Invalid argument

Additionally, information like the state of the service will be missing from the output. The above patch is supposed to allow this command to fail gracefully and the known information to be reported back to the user.
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