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0017762CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-09-29 14:39
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Summary0017762: cockpit-images volume (os-pv-100gi-00000002) is full

Similarly to , the new os-pv-100gi-00000002 is full again: 1.1T 1.1T 1.0M 100% /cache/images

Ourselves, we only use 57 GB in it, so it seems the node ran out of space because it is shared with other volumes?

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2020-09-29 14:39

reporter   ~0037756

I just deleted several slightly older images to free up some 10 GB, but it seems something else immediately fills up the node again -- some job being on a rampage and dumping gigabytes of stuff per second?

This may also explain why centosci and that volume have felt really slow during the last few days.

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