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Summary0017782: Push official images to, in addition to Docker Hub
DescriptionRequirement - what kind of business use case are you trying to solve?
High availability and resiliency of CentOS containers in production environments

Currently, the official images for CentOS are on docker hub. Unless one has a docker paid account, image pulls will be rate-limited and pulls may fail at run-time, causing infrastructure issues.

Proposal - what do you suggest to solve the problem or improve the existing situation?
$title: Push the official CentOS images to, in addition to Docker Hub

We already have an organization created:

I propose that we also push all the official images (on all architectures) to, in addition to the docker hub repository here:
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2020-10-06 13:57

administrator   ~0037787

is there an opportunity here to do the push at the same place the builds are run ?

assigning this to Brian for consideration


2020-11-20 19:37

reporter   ~0037971

This is a big deal for projects using centos as a base container image, which hopefully is a lot of projects! Now that docker hub has started enforcing pull limits, the centos base image has become effectively unusable for CI.

What would it take to get this prioritized? Anything I or others could do to help?

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