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0017826CentOS-7phppublic2020-11-03 20:49
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Summary0017826: CentOS 7 with SCL enabled only provides PHP 7.3.11
DescriptionHi Everyone,

My apologies if this is the wrong place to report this issue.

We have a CentOS 7 VM with Red Hat's SCL enabled. It runs our website and wiki at SCL is enabled so we can get an updated Apache, Python, PHP and friends.

Our current Mediawiki is 1.34. 1.34 is _not_ a Long Term Support (LTS) release. We want to migrate to Mediawiki 1.35. 1.35 is a LTS release.

We cannot migrate to Mediawiki 1.35 at the moment because CentOS 7 and SCL only provides PHP 7.3.11. Mediawiki 1.35 requires PHP 7.3.19.

Our request is, please bump PHP's version to 7.3.19 so we can install Mediawiki 1.35.

Also see It asks Mediawiki to downgrade their PHP requirements.
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2020-11-01 07:39

manager   ~0037838

You would have to raise this issue with RH. If they upgrade SCL, the rebuilds will also get updated. You could also try one of the 3rd party repos (i.e. IUS) which replace stock PHP with the most current 7.3 release.


2020-11-02 09:17

reporter   ~0037839

We have rebased rh-php73 to 7.3.20 in RHSCL 3.6 Beta.


2020-11-02 09:52

reporter   ~0037840

Thanks tigalch and jorton. The PHP bump is going to be very helpful to folks.


2020-11-03 20:49

manager   ~0037843

PHP version has been updated

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