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0017829CentOS-8ca-certificatespublic2020-11-03 22:33
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Summary0017829: ca-certificate refresh from NSS
DescriptionIs it possible to refresh the default ca-certificates package for supported CentOS versions with the latest NSS roots?

Specifically, we would like to ensure these two roots from NSS 3.54 (26 June 2020) are included in the package:

Microsoft ECC Root Certificate Authority 2017
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 358DF39D764AF9E1B766E9C972DF352EE15CFAC227AF6AD1D70E8E4A6EDCBA02

Microsoft RSA Root Certificate Authority 2017
SHA-256 Fingerprint: C741F70F4B2A8D88BF2E71C14122EF53EF10EBA0CFA5E64CFA20F418853073E0
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2020-11-03 20:48

manager   ~0037842

If RH refreshes that package - CentOS will automatically inherit the fix/update. You have to raise this request at RHs bugzilla. Or you could wait for 8.3 to show up (which shouldn't be to long) and see if it is updated. In the mean time you can read the beta RN for 8.3 to see all changes.


2020-11-03 22:18

reporter   ~0037844

Will do!


2020-11-03 22:33

reporter   ~0037845

Bug created here:

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