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0017843CentOS-8setuppublic2020-11-12 00:43
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Summary0017843: Unable to install CentOS 8 in VMWare WS 16
DescriptionExcuse me, but do you even test your software before public release? Typical first level tests would be install on baremetal as well as in Virtual Machines. We already fail here and maybe there are further problems.

Anyway here are all details:
System environment:
Windows 10 build 1909 as host
VMware 16.0.0 installed on Windows host
CentOS 8: CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_64-minimal.iso

First minor issue: <screenshot attached>. Testers should know what's important and bundle everything that's needed for the minimal installation instead of throwing "Problems in request".

Second problem after I click ignore. This happens much later where the whole installer crashes. From VMware, I am not able to copy paste the whole error log but attached some screenshots with titbits of info. Of course, you can get the whole error log yourself, but just imply trying to install your buggy software yourself. I am 100% you'll be frustrated too why you can't install CentOS and scratch your head and ask "how did our team release this??".

I expected CentOS to be better. Please fix the buggy software!

Steps To ReproduceJust try to install CentOS 8 first. Continuous integration (probably inexistent) should have picked that up!!!
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