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0017853CentOS-8python-blivetpublic2020-11-13 14:52
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Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017853: unable to setup a luks device using kickstart
DescriptionWhen trying to kickstart a machine and setting up an encrypted partition anaconda throws a traceback.

The bug has been fixed in upstream (BZ1836269, RHBA-2020:4728). Does CentOS provide an updates.img to mitigate this?
Steps To Reproduce(1) setup an encrypted partition in the kickstart file:
part pv.0 --asprimary --size=1 --grow --encrypted --passphrase="verysecretpassphrase"

(2) kickstart the machine

(3) watch the traceback
Additional Informationsee BZ1836269
see RHBA-2020:4728
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