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0017917CentOS-8syslinuxpublic2020-12-09 15:21
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Platformppc64leOSCentOSOS Version8
Product Version8.2.2004 
Summary0017917: Package syslinux-tftpboot stopped publishing for ppc64le
DescriptionRecently syslinux-tftpboot became unavailable in the ppc64le BaseOS repos [0].

The syslinux-tftpboot package is a dependency for ironic and is causing our ppc64le container builds to fail [1]

Can this be restored? Please let me know if you need more information.

Steps To ReproduceRun the following on a ppc64le machine running centos8:

sudo dnf install syslinux-tftpboot
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2020-12-09 15:21

reporter   ~0038054

After some discussion with people at Red Hat it seems that this was accidentally excluded from the 8.2 product listings. It seems that as of 8.3, the package has not been published on ppc64le or aarch64, despite both needing it for ironic. It should be fixed in 8.4 but we would like it in 8.3 as well. Is this possible?

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