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0017920CentOS-8centos-releasepublic2020-12-10 11:22
Reportereskultety Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version8.3.2011 
Summary0017920: [repositoryid] for PowerTools has been changed from "PowerTools" to "powertools"
Descriptionpackage: centos-linux-repos
version: 8-2.el8

Latest update changed the [repositoryid] section of the PowerTools repo breaking the official way how to enable the repo:
"dnf config-manager --set-enabled 'PowerTools'" which broke our gitlab pipelines:

I can understand the change to be consistent with the other repos, but this was arguably an undesirable change. It's also not mentioned in the Changelog, and also not present here:

If this is not a bug, then I'd like to know the rationale for this change.
Steps To Reproduce1. install CentOS 8
2. install the config-manager plugin for dnf
3. issue 'dnf config-manager --set-enabled "PowerTools"'
"Error: No matching repo to modify: PowerTools."
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2020-12-08 15:00

reporter   ~0038051

I can reproduce the issue on the CentOS-8-GenericCloud-8.3.2011-20201204.2.x86_64.qcow2 image.

This completely breaks our pipeline, please revert to the old naming. This is probably a typo or an oversight.

Thank you.


2020-12-08 20:41

reporter   ~0038053

I can reproduce the issue on the CentOS-8.2.2004-x86_64-boot.iso

This also completely breaks our pipeline and my installs are stuck

Thank you.


2020-12-10 11:09

reporter   ~0038062

All my CI jobs across multiple services have failed with "No matching repo to modify: PowerTools" -- I really hope this was a really early April fools joke...


2020-12-10 11:22

reporter   ~0038064

This is an intentional change, mentioned in the release notes:

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