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0017922Cloud Instance SIGgeneralpublic2020-12-08 15:08
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Platformgenericcloud-cloudinitOSCentOS 8OS Version8.3.2011-2020120
Summary0017922: No SHA256 checksum for latest GenericCloud images.
DescriptionWe are using packer to build cloud-ready images.

In our post-processors, we download the image from the website and we check the image integrity against SHA256 checksum values present in the CHECKSUM file.

For the latest 8.3.2011-2020120, there is no SHA256 checksum and our build fails.

Can you please provide the SHA256 checksum for the latest images hosted on your mirror.

Thank you.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open a browser and navigate to:
2) Keep in mind that we are using CentOS-8-GenericCloud-8.3.2011-20201204.2.x86_64.qcow2
3) Go to the following link:
4) You will not see CentOS-8-GenericCloud-8.3.2011-20201204.2.x86_64.qcow2 listed.
Tagscentos 8, cloud-init, libvirt, packaging


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