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0001793CentOS-4kernelpublic2008-03-06 05:06
Product Version4.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001793: Missing definition for mutex_destroy in linux/kernel.h
DescriptionThe mutex backport patch (linux-2.6.9-mutex-backport.patch) that emulates kernel mutex introduced in 2.6.16 apparently does not provide the definition for mutex_destroy().

This breaks the module build, otherwise ends up with an undefined symbol.

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moriyoshi (reporter)

Attached is the updated version of the original patch.

-- moriyoshi


Charlie Brady (reporter)

> This breaks the module build, otherwise ends up with an undefined symbol.

It breaks which module build?

Have you informed RedHat of this problem, via their bugzilla?


moriyoshi (reporter)

The module was FUSE's.

I reported to Red Hat subsequently.


moriyoshi (reporter)

This bug has been fixed at the upstream:

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