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0018010CentOS-7ctdbpublic2021-01-13 09:27
Reportervishnu.oyitty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
OSRedhatOS Version7.8 
Product Version7.8-2003 
Summary0018010: CTDB Public address not appearing on interface and failover does not work
DescriptionVersion: ctdb version 4.10.16
Failover for Glsuterfs
When installed CTDB starts normally however public addresses mentioned in /etc/ctdb/public_addresses does not appear on interface.

Steps To Reproduce1. Install ctdb version 4.10.16
2. Start ctdb
3. No public_addresses can be seen in interface.
Additional InformationAs per we do not have to manually add the public_addresses on the interface as CTDB does this on its own.

1. CTDB event scripts are not enabled by default. No symbolic links found here /etc/ctdb/events/legacy which should have pointed scripts in /usr/share/ctdb/events/legacy/
2. Manually adding the IP's to interface after starting ctdb allows us to ping the public addresses but when stopping ctdb on one of the node, no failover happen.
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2021-01-13 09:15

reporter   ~0038172

Any update no this anyone?


2021-01-13 09:27

manager   ~0038173

You're misunderstanding how CentOS works. We don't fix anything unless it's a packaging problem producing the CentOS rpm. CentOS only rebuilds what is in RHEL. If you have a bug that you want fixed, you have to get it fixed in RHEL first which means reporting it on You'll also want to make sure that your system is current and since it says 7.8.2003 at the top of this bug report, that means running `yum update` to get to 7.9.

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