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0018015CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2021-01-19 14:26
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Product Version8.3.2011 
Summary0018015: An incomplete set of torque packages has been entered into the Stream repositories
DescriptionTorque as a fork of the pbs job queueing service. It is available in Fedora and in EPEL-7, but it is not presently in EPEL-8. The Fedora / EPEL packaging for this software splits it into multiple subpackages. Versions of a few of these have recently appeared in Stream's appstream and powertools repositories, but many of the subpackages are missing.

Torque functionality without the missing subpackages is extremely circumscribed, and the appearance of the incomplete set of new packages creates conflicts with torque packages obtained via other avenues.
Steps To Reproduce1. Ensure that all the CentOS Stream 8 repository definitions are up to date and enabled, including especially 'appstream' and 'powertools'.

2. Expire the DNF cache: "dnf clean expire-cache"

3. Observe that packages `torque`, `torque-libs`, and `torque-devel` are available for installation: "dnf --assumeno install torque-devel"

4. Observe that most other torque subpackages are not available: "dnf --assumeno install torque-{client,docs,drmaa,gui,mom,pam,scheduler,server}
Additional InformationI'm guessing that parts of torque are appearing where no part of it ever did before because something else depends on torque-libs. That's fine. It would be great, even, if only the whole thing were provided. Providing only selected pieces produces significant problems for me, at least, and for anyone else trying to manage a full Torque suite via RPMs.

Or perhaps there has been an oversight here. Torque's package structure and naming is a little unusual, in that the "torque" base package plays a mostly foundational role, such as might be named "torque-common" in other projects, as opposed to an overall aggregating role. Most of the subpackages depend on "torque", rather than the other way around, and there is very little useful functionality without them.
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2021-01-16 00:23

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Please file CentOS Stream-related reports with Red Hat bugzilla at:


2021-01-19 14:26

reporter   ~0038183

Ok, sorry about that. For reference, this has been filed at Redhat as

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