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0018027CentOS-8pythonpublic2021-01-23 10:27
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PlatformCentOS 8 Stream 
Summary0018027: Ansible cannot copy files with python38 module enabled
DescriptionAnsible needs python38-libselinux to work with copy module.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install python38
sudo dnf module install -y python38
sudo alternatives --config python --> Choose py38

2. Try to launch an Ansible task with a copy module
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2021-01-21 14:32


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2021-01-23 10:27

reporter   ~0038191

I assume you have installed Ansible from PyPI, as the version available from the EPEL repository is based on the system's Python 3.6 installation. If that is the case, I believe your best option is to install Ansible on top of Python 3.6, installed either via dnf or from source. You should install the libselinux and python3-libselinux packages and, if you are using a source Python distribution, the selinux package from PyPI.

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