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0018045CentOS-7pythonpublic2021-02-02 17:32
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Product Version7.9.2009 
Summary0018045: Installing package 'python3' does not update /etc/
DescriptionInstalling this package causes a couple of Python 3.6 library files to appear in /usr/lib64, presumably from the dependent package python3-libs.

However, the SO library path cache, /etc/, does not get updated with the paths to these new libraries.

It is necessary to run ldconfig manually in order to make these new libraries appear in the cache.
Steps To Reproduce- Start with system having Python 2 installed (i.e. package 'python')
- Run 'ldconfig -p | grep libpython'. Output shows and
- Run 'yum install python3'
- Rerun above ldconfig command. Output remains the same
- Run plain 'ldconfig'
- Rerun above ldconfig command. Output now shows and, in addition to the original Python 2.7 library files
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