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0018078CentOS-7-OTHERpublic2021-02-21 17:35
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PlatformCisco C220-M5-SX serverOSCentOSOS Version7.6
Product Version7.6.1810 
Summary0018078: we are not install OS with manual partitioning centos 7.6 the using server c220 m5 -SX server
DescriptionWe are facing an installation issue with one of the cisco servers C220-M5-SX, when we are going to install a version of CentOS 7.6 with the compatible server, I was unable to the installation. CentOS 7.6 throughout a bug comes on during the manual partitioning. Please find the below error

However, when we have installed the automatic and click ā€œ click here to create them automatically ā€œ after that we add on other partition as per my requirements.

But the thing is here is we have to go through all Manual partitioning according to the requirements .but we couldn't do it. You can refer to the attached document which was created during the testing on our lab server.

Server details which Iā€™m using for the OS installation

Setup Used:
RAID Controller: Cisco 12G SAS HBA (UCSC-RAID-M5)
4K sector HDDs
CIMC: 4.1(2a)
OS: CentOS 7.6
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2021-02-20 15:29




2021-02-20 16:38

manager   ~0038258

Don't use CentOS-7.6. Retry with 7.9 - anything below that is not supported.


2021-02-21 14:18

reporter   ~0038259

@tigalch we have to try .its issue about 4k drive on the cisco c220 m5 sx server


2021-02-21 17:35

manager   ~0038260

No, 7.6 is out of date and unsupported. Use 7.9. There is no other supported release of CentOS 7.

7.6 is more than 2 years old. There is no support for 7.6.

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