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Summary0018102: Centos 7 on Login page sleeps after 2-3 min and Touch stops working . so user cannot login , he has hard restart it .

I am using the 10.1 inch embedded PC with touch only . Which has Centos . Now when the system boots . it waits on the login page .Like normal PC waits . after 2-3 min at log in page the system goes in sleep mode .

Now there is no keyboard , no mouse to be attached . Touch screen stops working . on clicking on the screen many time . nothing happens .
i have to hard restart the system and have to login before system sleep. but after login , the system donot sleep .

so problem definition is : when system is on login screen , the centos should not sleep . what can be done.
or if sleep then the touch screen driver should work , which is not working .
as a result for me its a crash condition .

please suggest .

thanks & regards
Steps To Reproduceto reproduce , wait at " login screen" for 2-3 min . The centos goes in sleep mode. now to get abck from that sleep mode . There is no USB mouse or keyboard. Touch has to work to get back which is not working when the system in sleep mode.

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