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0018121CentOS-8anacondapublic2021-03-23 18:08
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Summary0018121: "Installation source" button gets stuck with wrong URL and does not unstuck by itself
DescriptionUsing the netinstall ISO file for installation of a virtual machine:
I set up a working network connection and specified the repository URL manually at the "SOFTWARE -- Installation Source" spoke. I specified the wrong URL:
and clicked on [Done] in upper left corner.

The menu switched back to the hub. The installer tried to download files in vain. The buttons in "SOFTWARE" got stuck:
- "Installation Source" had the note: Setting up installation source...
- "Software Selection" had the note: Error downloading package metadata

I waited for half an hour, both buttons did not get unstuck. To get the "Installation Source" button unstuck I had to open any of the other spokes, f.i. "KDUMP" and click on [Done] to the hub. After that:
- "Installation Source" was clickable again and had the note: Error setting up base repository
- "Software Selection" remained unclickable and had the note: Installation source not set up

Then I clicked on "Installation Source" and entered another wrong URL (cannot remember exactly). Slightly different text at "Software Selection":
- "Installation Source" had the note: Setting up installation source...
- "Software Selection" had the note: Failed to set up installation source

Same solution and behaviour as above.

Then I clicked on "Installation Source", entered the correct URL:
and went on to report this bug. :)
Steps To Reproduce- start CentOS Stream installer
- set up working network configuration
- at "SOFTWARE -- Installation Source" enter a non-functional repo URL and click on [Done]
- "SOFTWARE -- Installation Source" button remains stuck
Additional InformationPlease, make the "Installation Source" button unstuck if installation source cannot be setup.
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