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0018148CentOS-8anacondapublic2021-04-08 14:10
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Summary0018148: CentOS installer don't know own repository url
DescriptionWhen using the image CentOS-Stream-8-x86_64-20210311-boot.iso, the CentOS installer doesn't know where its CentOS repositories are located.
"Installation Source" is marked red until you go there, select mirror list from the menu and MANUALLY TYPE this address in:$stream&arch=$basearch&repo=BaseOS&infra=$infra

And as always when something isn't working as expected and people go for trial and error, there are many suggestions without the variables.

Also, when mistyping or accidentally confirming too early (didn't really click ok or hit enter but anyway), the main screen gets locked with the comment "Setting up installation source..." which stays forever, you can't click on it again to go back and fix the url. So reboot, start over, type it in again, for each and every installation... But actually, you shouldn't have to because unless you're in a special environment with a local repository server - in which case you'd probably not be using the official install iso anyway - you shouldn't have to type in the official address each time!

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