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0018187CentOS-8anacondapublic2021-05-10 23:26
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Product Version8.3.2011 
Summary0018187: GPT disk check on BIOS-based host doesn't take into account if disk is boot
DescriptionIn 8.2 with anaconda- the following works:

clearpart --drives=sdb,sda --all
# / partition
part / --fstype=ext4 --fsoptions='relatime' --size=1 --grow --ondisk=sdb
# /opt/var partition
part /opt/var --fstype=ext4 --fsoptions='relatime' --size=1 --grow --ondisk=sda

In 8.3 with it fails with:

Found sanity error: Your BIOS-based system needs a special partition to boot from a GPT disk label. To continue, please create a 1MiB 'biosboot' type partition.

But it isn't a boot disk. In the current version, as long as a GPT disk comes after a valid MBR-based / partition, everything is fine, but on some hardware, the MBR disk is sdb, not sda.
Steps To ReproduceKickstart a host where a > 2TB (GPT) disk disk is tested before a valid MBR disk (i.e where the /dev/sdX name of the GPT disk comes alphabetically before the MBR disk).
Additional InformationOn hosts where the MBR disk /dev/sda, everything is fine with later GPT disks.
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