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0018192CentOS-8setuppublic2021-05-15 02:53
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PlatformKVM/serial port installOS8OS Versionlatest
Product Version8.3.2011 
Summary0018192: Cannot install via text or serial console because boot image enters non-text mode immediately
Descriptionserial (no display/keyboard) and text (kvm, iLo, and other remote connectors) installers require access to the kernel boot line to work (e.g. so we can specify inst.text or console= or whatever).

This has become impossible now, because someone decided to stop using text for the text-only install prompt (the "text" is now being rendered as graphics inside a graphic display, instead of plain text on a text console).
Steps To ReproduceBoot installation .iso

Observe that the display is not in genuine text mode (easy way to spot this: fonts look different to the BIOS that was using plain text mode).
Additional InformationPlease revert to using plain text for the initial installation dialogue.

It will still look more-or-less identical to what it now looks like in "graphics" mode, but it will work for everyone that needs it then.
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