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0018199CentOS-7kernelpublic2021-05-18 01:20
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Product Version7.9.2009 
Summary0018199: We can't find the source rpm package of kernel-4.18.0-193.28.1 for rhel7
DescriptionWe can't find the source rpm package of kernel-4.18.0-193.28.1 for rhel7 in the CentOS wiki. Where can I find it.
We download the source rpm package of kernel-4.18.0-193.28.1 for rhel8 and build it, there are few dependency packages can't be found and also exist conflict package version.
Even though I have set up the EPEL repository and CentOS official yum repository, these issues can't be solved.
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2021-05-17 09:40

manager   ~0038446

You can't find what doesn't exist. The latest kernel for CentOS 7 is kernel-3.10.0-1160.25.1.el7.x86_64. There will never be a 4.x or higher kernel for CentOS 7, it will always use 3.10.0-*


2021-05-18 01:20

reporter   ~0038447

(1) Can you see the following serial log at the begining of the CentOS7.9.log file in bug #0018198?

Booting CentOS Linux (4.18.0-193.28.1.el7.ppc64le) 7 (AltArch)
 Loaded initrd from file:///var/petitboot/mnt/dev/sdo2/initramfs-4.18.0-193.28.1kernel image from file:///var/petitboot/mnt/dev/sdo2/vmlinuz-4.18.0-193.
 Running boot hooks
 Performing kexec rebootSIGTERM received, booting...

(2) And do you know that RHEL want to support some Power9 processor feature having the kernel-alt version (4.14.0 kernel version) once?
RHEL just release Power9 OS version from RHEL7.4 to RHEL7.6. However CentOS also release the CentOS7.7, CentOS7.8 and CentOS7.9 of Power9 version and update the kernel version from 4.14.0 to 4.18.0.
And keep the kernel version same as the RHEL8.X kernel version. Here is the iso image file name of these three version.

(3) We can find CentOS7.9 rpm packages for power9 through the following link.Thanks.

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