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0018205SCLogeneralpublic2021-05-28 19:25
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version7.2009
Summary0018205: Reposync fails to sync centos-sclo-rh repo
DescriptionWe sync a bunch of repositories from internet to our air-gapped network. One of them is centos-sclo-rh but this is failing at the moment.
Steps To Reproduce[root@here~]# yum install -y epel-release
[root@here~]# yum install -y centos-release-scl-rh
[root@here~]# mkdir data
[root@here~]# reposync -g -l -d -m --norepopath --repoid=centos-sclo-rh --newest-only --download-metadata -p data/
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debugin FAILED
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debugin FAILED ] 0.0 B/s | 0 B --:--:-- ETA
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debugin FAILED ] 0.0 B/s | 0 B --:--:-- ETA
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-client-0.180-3.el7.x86_64: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. ] 0.0 B/s | 0 B --:--:-- ETA
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-0.180-3.el7.x86_64: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-client-devel-0.180-3.el7.x86_64: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try.
Removing devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-0.180-3.el7.x86_64.rpm due to failed signature check.
Removing devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-client-0.180-3.el7.x86_64.rpm due to failed signature check.
Removing devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-client-devel-0.180-3.el7.x86_64.rpm due to failed signature check.
Additional InformationLooking for elfutils packages in the packagelist of the repo yields:

[root@here ~]# yum repo-pkgs centos-sclo-rh list | grep devtoolset-10-elfutils
devtoolset-10-elfutils.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-debuginfod-client.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-devel.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-libelf.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-libelf-devel.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh
devtoolset-10-elfutils-libs.x86_64 0.180-3.el7 centos-sclo-rh

but curl and some sed magic yields:
[root@here ~]# curl -s | grep -oP '(?<=>)devtoolset-10-elfutils.*?(?=\<)'

The packages containing 'debuginfod' in their name are not there.

This seems to be related to
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2021-05-28 19:25

reporter   ~0038468

Look like this one is resolved. Had no more errors recently. Please close.

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