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0018213CentOS-8popplerpublic2021-06-08 08:33
Reportermmomtchev Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version8.3.2011 
Summary0018213: Latest libpoppler breaks GDAL
 Problem: package gdal-devel-3.0.4-7.el8.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package gdal-devel-3.0.4-7.el8.x86_64 requires gdal-libs(x86-64) = 3.0.4-7.el8, but none of the providers can be installed
  - conflicting requests
  - nothing provides needed by gdal-libs-3.0.4-7.el8.x86_64
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages or '--nobest' to use not only best candidate packages)
Steps To Reproducednf install -y dnf-plugins-core
dnf install -y epel-release
dnf config-manager --set-enabled powertools
dnf install -y gdal-devel
Additional InformationHappens on the latest Dockerfile (centos:8)
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