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0018255CentOS-8kernel-pluspublic2021-09-18 16:58
Reporterkabe Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSCentOSOS Version8.4 
Product Version8.4.2105 
Summary0018255: centos-plus 8.4 git is missing some files
Description branch c8-sig-centosplus-kernel
now holds source code, but seems to lack some files:
SOURCES/kvm_stat.logrotate (c8 branch haves)
SOURCES/centos-kpatch.x509 (c8 branch haves)
SOURCES/centos-ldup.x509 (c8 branch have centos-dup.x509; typo in kernel-plus.spec?)
Steps To Reproducegit clone -b c8-sig-centosplus-kernel
cd kernel -b c8
ls SOURCES/*.x509 ##missing
ls SOURCES/kvm_stat.logrotate ##missing
rpmbuild -v -bs -D "_topdir `pwd`" SPECS/kernel-plus.spec ##try build .src.rpm; fails by missing files
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2021-07-24 16:31

manager   ~0038550


Thank you for the report. I've updated git accordingly.

The changes will be in the next kernel update.

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