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0018317CentOS-8glibcpublic2021-09-30 17:35
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Product Version8.4.2105 
Summary0018317: iconv silently corrupts data
DescriptionUsing iconv for code page conversion, results in corrupted output, when "-c" flag (discard characters that cannot be converted) is used for input where characters that *can* and *cannot* be converted appear together,
The issue only manifests for rather large inputs (presumably > 32K).
There is no error or warning, results are just broken.
Steps To ReproduceOpen bash and run:
>export LANG=C
>perl -E 'say "\x58\xe2\x58\xc3\x92\x58\xe2\x58\x58\xe2\x58\xc3\x92\x58\xe2\x58\n" x 15000' | iconv -c -f ISO-8859-3 -t UTF-8 | sort | uniq -c

It creates 15000 lines of mixed "X", ISO-8859-3-convertable \xe2 and ISO-8859-3-unconvertable \xc3\x92, which is fed into iconv for convertion to UTF8.
I expect \xe2 to be converted, \xc3\x92 to be dropped (because of "-c") and in any case, all lines to be equal.
Something like this:
>15000 XâX�XâXXâX�XâX

However I get *a mix* of broken lines.
I.e. the actual output is:
> 1
> 2 XXâX�XâX
> 2 XâX�XXâX
> 2 XâX�XâX
> 1 XâX�XâXX
> 2 XâX�XâXXâX�X�XâXXâX�XâX
> 14917 XâX�XâXXâX�XâX

As can be seen, many lines just disappear (14917+2+1+2+2+2+1 don't sum up to 15000).
Additional InformationActual specific input does not matter, as long as it has a mix of convertable and non-convertable characters.
Reducing number of input lines to smaller number (ex. 1000) and all works as expected:
>1000 XâX�XâXXâX�XâX

I tried this for ISO-8859-3 and ISO-8859-8 (same input) with similar (wrong) results.
Results are broken in latest CentOS8.4, RHEL8.4, as well as CentOS6.10

Using piconv (Perl variant of iconv) instead of iconv produces correct results.
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