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Summary0018363: CentOS CI for upstream RamenDR e2e testing
DescriptionRamenDR is an open source project that provides recovery and relocation services for workloads and their persistent data across a set of OCM-managed clusters. We have a high interest in testing functionality on CentOS and using a public CI to more appropriately test an end-to-end environment for relocate and recovery scenarios. As such, we believe that the CentOS environment should be a good fit.

Name: Travis Janssen
Project: RamenDR
Desired username: tjanssen
Email address:
SSH public key:
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCSBi7dtTvVC6+aNYTip5Sk9B9Bg6mh+L9+d+UhBRQY1QgXtj7V5GOkNcL54mR0djOQMTjOI/94vk5BiGiV3FA1qadDlMxfWMtlW63Du2ERgrz54yaUKB+UcewWwMK1scLjO77D6ZxDXGgdfQPAALIb9an+FVRJH7+C6LVd+E2lFxtLoGIoRngqJSbLZrT7FyjnqwsUhnC9lz93tLZs00XEprBtj1I8PKZoLZSv7i5XJQezyUb4ppHTcMaLgvlE8PsLTMgLXjEu3r5B5knGHqgHCmUORw8cq/IZa9lP1GZVsuH3bK1Ml1YLBS6GTS6z4dPnn97Qyzw6j+p7WbGZ4lRh

Details and source can be found here:

If additional information is needed, I'd be happy to provide it.
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