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0018377CentOS-7openscappublic2021-12-24 10:28
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Product Version7.9.2009 
Summary0018377: openscap 1.2.17-14 RPM mis-built?
DescriptionImport of openscap-1.2.17-14.el7_9 onto c7 branch (current head as of this writing) on or around 2021-11-23: indicates openscap-1.2.17-13 is latest and built 2021-12-01

openscap-1.2.17-13 was originally released approx. late 2020

openscap-1.2.17-13 downloaded from mirror before 2021-11-23 is not identical to openscap-1.2.17-13 downloaded from mirror yesterday (sha256sum diffs, some internal artifact binary diffs (at a minimum, and probes))

I believe openscap built on 2021-12-01 should have build number 14 or greater

Same goes for the related openscap rpms (engine-sce, extra-probes, etc.)
Steps To ReproduceMany people do not have access to the "old" build 13 of the RPMs, hence is difficult to prove because the mirrors have overwritten build 13 with what I believe should be build 14.
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2021-12-24 10:28

manager   ~0038770

At I see multiple recent builds, all of them having the same release as the one from 2020-11-16

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