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0018391CentOS-7cloud-initpublic2022-01-27 07:33
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Product Version7.9.2009 
Summary0018391: cloud-init script does not update the secondary network interface details in EC2 instance
DescriptionThere are 2 interfaces created in the EC2 instance. Once the VM is up and logged in we see only file as
 - /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

for the eth1 there are no files created. Also there is no route or rules file created from the eth1.

Since the NetworkManager is up and running ip gets assigned to the interface. but ping and out traffic flow does not happen as the proper rules and routes for eth1 is not created.

Cloud-init version is 19.4
Tags"Network", cloud-init, eth1, interface, NetworkManager




2022-01-24 19:49

manager   ~0038825

What is the exact version of cloud-init that is installed? rpm -q cloud-init

CentOS 7 has had a "19.4" version of cloud-init since March 2020 and there have been 12 separate updates to it since then.


2022-01-25 03:11

reporter   ~0038826

$ rpm -q cloud-init


2022-01-26 02:56

reporter   ~0038829

sir, if needed we can have a session to show the issue so that we can get some work-around if possible.


2022-01-27 07:33

reporter   ~0038832

Got the solution for this issue. Below are the steps to compile and install the net-utils in the CenOS7

# yum -y install git make systemd systemd-units rpm-build
# git clone --branch=1.x --single-branch --depth 1
# cd amazon-ec2-net-utils/
# curl -LO ''
# rpmbuild --define "_sourcedir $PWD" -bb amazon-ec2-net-utils.spec
# ls ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/
# yum localinstall ls ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch/amazon-ec2-net-utils-1.5-1.el7.noarch.rpm

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