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0018415CentOS-7btrfs-progspublic2022-03-17 13:14
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Product Version7.9.2009 
Summary0018415: lsblk fails to detect btrfs volumes on certain GCP instances
Descriptionlsblk fails to detect btrfs properly on n1-highmem-8 and n2-highmem-8 instances.
Works on n1-highmem-4 and n2-highmem-4.
Steps To ReproduceDeploy a GCP instance with a n2-highmem-8 or n1-highmem-8 instance and attach an additional disk.
Format the disk with btrfs (using mkfs.btrfs)

Try to obtain information using lsblk from this disk, which was successfully formatted with btrfs.
The output is empty, no error is shown.
Additional Informationblkid output is working as expected.
The same works properly when using the same instance type with only 4 instead of 8 cores, indicating that this is something low-level
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2022-03-17 13:14

manager   ~0038881

CentOS is a rebuild of the sources used to create RHEL. We do not modify anything except to remove branding and logos. You will need to submit your request to Redhat via and if/when RH accepts it and incorporates it into RHEL and releases a patched version, then CentOS will pick it up and rebuild it.
Note that RHEL7 is in maintenance Phase 2 so RH only accepts bugs seen as "important".

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