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0018451CentOS CIgeneralpublic2022-05-13 08:00
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PlatformBareMetalOSCentOSOS Versioncentos 7.9
Summary0018451: Kmalloc 32 Issue - Memory Consuming
DescriptionHi Team,

I'm using centos 7.9 OS with kernel version 3.10.0-1160.49.el7.x86_64. We alloacate 20gb of memory for this VM.
Kmalloc 32 it consume the whole memorry of my Server
We using this server for kubernetes application but it consume 18gb out of 20gb it consumed due to this my application went down Not able to perform any other actions.

I have tried to drop a cache memory that also not helped me.
After rebooting that node manually that Kmalloc memory are released. again that kmalloc 32 consume my whole memory in within 2 weeks.
This is My Production environment our live application is running here. Please help me to get out of this issue.

Tags3.10.0-1062.9.1.el7.x86_64, centos 7.9, kmalloc32, memoryconsuming




2022-05-13 08:00


kmalloc32.png (93,741 bytes)   
kmalloc32.png (93,741 bytes)   

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