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0018488CentOS-8virt-whatpublic2022-08-15 00:00
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PlatformSmartOS LX (Illumos)OSCentOSOS VersionStream 8
Summary0018488: Update CentOS Stream 8's virt-what to 1.24
DescriptionCurrently, CentOS Stream 8 includes virt-what-1.18 with patches up to 1.22. This version outputs nothing when run inside SmartOS LX, so virtual machines are incorrectly identified as bare metal.

virt-what 1.24 includes a patch ( to support detecting SmartOS LX. Could you update the CentOS Stream 8 package to include that patch (or point me to instructions on how to contribute that package update)?
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2022-08-14 20:50

manager   ~0038970

All CentOS Stream-related bugs must be reported to Red Hat. For details, please see:


2022-08-14 22:55

reporter   ~0038971

Ah, OK, thanks for the info.


2022-08-15 00:00

manager   ~0038972

Alright. Now closing.

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